◆Support 2pcs Outdoor phone, applicable to 2 doors of the villa
◆Material: Plastic
◆Only use for Part 4
◆Support 4pcs Outdoor phone, applicable to 2-4 doors of the villa
◆Material: Plastic
◆Only use for Part 4
◆If the outdoor station support ID card, you need use this one
◆Support 6pcs Indoor Monitor, applicable to 2-6 rooms of the villa
◆Material: Plastic
◆Only use for Part 4
4CH Decodering Amplifier
◆ Max capacity:4 indoor phones Random coding based on room numbers.
◆ Working voltage:DC18V
Power Supply
◆ Output: DC18V/DC12V
◆ Each 18 Monitors need to add a power supply
◆ Each 1 Outdoor Phone need a alone power supply
◆Electric Lock,
◆Power:10-20V DC;
◆Start current:<0.3A;
◆Working current:<0.15A;
180KG Magnetic lock
280KG Magnetic lock
280KG, Waterproof Magnetic lock
350KG Magnetic lock
350KG, Waterproof Magnetic lock
ZL Stand for 180KG Magnetic lock
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