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Name: Independent Gas Leakage Detector
Model: PST-GD301
◆The type of gas: Lp-gas,Natural gas,Marsh gas,etc;
◆Alarm Indicator: Red LED / Di Di Soud(≥85dB);
◆Failure Indiocator: Yellow LED on&beeper long-buzz;
◆Warm-up Time: About 180S;
◆Alarm Level: 10%LEL;
◆Rating Power: ≤3W(AC220V supply);
◆Static current: ≤90mA; 
◆Alarm current: ≤100mA;
◆Operation Temp: –10°C to +50°C;
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User Manual
PST-GD301 Specifications
Name Independent Gas Leakage Detector 
Model PST-GD301
The type of gas Lp-gas,Natural gas,Marsh gas,etc
Power Supply AC110V/AC220V
Alarm Indicator Red LED / Di Di Soud(85dB)
Failure Indiocator Yellow LED on&beeper long-buzz
Test Test button
Warm-up Time About 180S
Alarm Level 10%LEL
Rating Power 3W(AC220V supply)
Static current 90mA
Alarm current 100mA
Drive Valve Control Optional
Drive Manipulator Optional
Operation Temp. –10°C to +50°C
Humidity 5%--95% non-condensing
Installation Wall-mounted
Dimension 115*72*41mm
Weight 280g
PST-GD301 Package List
GAS Detector x1
Screws x2
Plastic screw plug x2
User Manual x1
PST-GD301 Optional Accessories
Valve Control