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Name: Promotion Wireless 99 Zones Home Security Burglar Alarm System with Auto Dialer
Model: PST-TEL99E
◆99 wireless zone;
◆add 99 pcs sensor;
◆LED display;
◆Multi modes optional for zones;
◆Telephone line anti-cut alarm function;
◆can store 6 groups of telephone numbers;
◆Can arm/disarm/listen-in by calling the host phone number;
◆Backup battery for continue working when power off;
◆Wireless learning coding,compatiable with 2262 or 1527 chip sensors;
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User Manual
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PST-TEL99E Specifications
Name Wireless 99 Zones Cheap TEL home alarm system
Model PST-TEL99E
Backup Battery  For continue working 24 hours when power cut/off
Battery Ni-Hi AAA*6 DC7.4V
Display LED Display
Input voltage DC12V
Standby current 35mA
Alarm current 450 mA
Alarm Sound 110dB
Wireless frequency 433Mhz
Support wireless sensors EV1527/300K    2262/1.5-4.7M
Support Sensors Q'ty 99pcs sensors
Wireless distance 100m open
Work Temperature Temp: –10°C to 40°C
Color Box Dimension 33*25*7.5cm
Standard Kit Weight 1.2kg
PST-TEL99E Features & Functions
Working Ways PSTN Telephone Line
Defense Zones 99 Wireless Zones 
Alarm call and sms telephone No. 5 groups of call phone number
1 group of emergency phone
Remote control the system Arm
Start the siren and stop the siren
Basic Functions LED Display Arm/Disarm/Stay arm/Alarm/Setting
Password protection function
0-99secs. delay alarm setting
0-30mins. Siren ringing time setting
Ringing times setting
Stay intelligent arm
Reset factory setting
PST-TEL99E Standard Package List
Home Alarm Host(Built-in battery) x1
PIR Sensor(Battery & Bracket Included) x1
Door Sensor(Battery Included) x1
Remote Controller(Battery Included) x2
Siren x1
Power Adapter x1
User Manual x1
Telphone Line Cable x1

FAQ 1:   Is the installation very easy?
---------  Yes, this system is wireless, so installation is very easy. The mounting screws are all included for your convenience. Generally speaking, it usually takes a few minutes to complete the installation;

FAQ 2:   What kind of phone service will be needed for the auto-dialing function?
---------  This system works with any phone services such as standard dial-up(land line)service, Vonage, Cable Phones (Digital Phones), Magic Jack, or internet phones.
If you don't have a phone service, this system will still work as a stand-alone security system, except the auto-dialing function;

FAQ 3:   This system is 433Mhz or 315Mhz?
---------   Our standard is 433Mhz, If you need 315Mhz, must mention when you order;

FAQ 4:   Is it easy to program the sensors?
---------   Yes, only seconds to program a sensor, simply follow the manual to click on the keypad, and then trigger the sensor to send out signal, done!. All the standard package sensors we already programmed for you before delivery. And you can add any extra sensors in our quotation sheet to work with this alarm system together;

FAQ 5:   Do you provide warranty service and tech support for this system?
---------   Yes, free three years warranty will come with this system. You just need to send the defective items back to us, we will repair or replace, then send back to you for free. We also provide unlimited tech-support for free and accessories supply service with low cost to our buyers. Your satisfaction to our products and services is always our priority;

FAQ 6:   Will the wireless signal of this system interfere with my wireless appliances at home?
---------   No, the signal is digital code. It will not interfere with Lan networks, garage door openers, cell phones, wireless home phones etc;

FAQ 7:   How to install the control panel (keypad)?
---------   The control panel comes with a mounting bracket. Simply mount the mounting bracket above an AC outlet and near a phone jack. It is quick and professional. You can also put the control panel at a secret place, so other people can't operate it;

FAQ 8:   Is it easy to mount the sensors?
---------   Because all the sensors are wireless, it is very simple to mount with screws or stickers;

FAQ 9:   What are the batteries used for this system?
---------   For the control panel, it is a rechargeable lithium battery with high capacity; last for 24-48 hours in case of power failure; For the sensors, the batteries are AA, AAA,23A or other common types, the life time is 1-2 years, depending on how frequently they are used. When a battery is turning low, it will alert you, so you can replace the low battery in advance. It is easy to get a replacement from your local stores.

FAQ 10:  How many wireless and wired zones does this system support?
---------    This alarm system only have wireless zones, do not have wired zones. So it does not support wired sensors;

FAQ 11:  How far can the sensors be mounted from the control panel?
---------    The transmit range is 240FT to 450FT,that means you can install the sensors at least 240FT away, and up to 450FT, depending on the building materials. Of course, you can mount the sensors just beside the control panel;

FAQ 12:  How to control the system via a cell phone or land phone?
---------    When the alarm system is triggered, it will call the pre-set telephone numbers automatically.
Also, You can call the phone number which the alarm system is connected to.
Over the phone, then you can listen into the home and take any actions: arm system again, disarm system, blare siren again or call the police etc;

FAQ 13:  How can I program a certain sensor into "Delay" mode?
---------    It is very simple to do so. Every sensor can be individually programmed into different zone type. For example: you can program the main door sensor with entry time delay while the rest of the sensors will be triggered immediately, so that you can have enough time to operate the control panel(keypad) when you come back home without a remote keyfob with you.

FAQ 14:   How can I walk around home without triggering the motion detectors while the rest of the sensors are still armed?
---------     It is very easy to do so. You can "Home Arm" the system on the keypad or on the remote keyfob, then all motion sensors (in Home zone type) are disarmed while the rest of the sensors are still armed.

FAQ 15:   Can I program a certain sensor into Emergency (24 Hours) mode?
---------     Yes, It is very simple to do so. Every sensor can be individually programmed into different zone type. For example, you can mount a door sensor on the cabinet which you put your valuable stuffs in, and program this sensor into Emergency zone type, so the system will set off immediately if the cabinet is opened whenever the system is armed or disarmed. (All panic buttons,smokes detectors will trigger the system immediately.)
You can stop the emergency alarm by press "disarm" button on the remote keyfob or on the keypad;

FAQ 16:   Will the system set off if someone cuts the phone line?
---------     Yes, it is "anti-phone cutting" function: if phone line is cut when the sysem is armed, all sirens will blast immediately! And if phone line is cut when the system is disarmed, the panel will beeps every 10 seconds;