◆Wired PIR Sensor;
◆Power: 9-16V DC;
◆Detecting Distance: 12m;
◆Detecting Angle:110 degrees;
◆Wired Ceiling PIR Sensor;
◆Power: 9-16V DC;
◆Detecting Distance: 8m;
◆Detecting Angle:360 degrees;
◆Wired PIR with Pet Immunity;
◆Power: 9-16V DC;
◆Detecting Distance: 12m;
◆Detecting Angle:110 degrees;
◆Wired PIR Motion Detector;
◆Power: 9-16V DC;
◆Detecting Distance: 10m;
◆Detecting Angle:110 degrees;
◆Wired PIR+Microwave Sensor;
◆Power: 10-16V DC;
◆Detecting Distance: 14m;
◆Detecting Angle:90 degrees;
◆Wired PIR with Pet Immunity ;
◆Power: 9-16V DC;
◆Detecting distance: 12m;
◆Detecting angle:110 degrees;
◆Wired PET PIR Sensor;
◆Outdoor, 9-16V DC;
◆Detecting distance:12m;
◆detecting angle:110 degrees;
◆Wired Curtain PIR Sensor;
◆Power: 9-16V DC;
◆Detecting Distance: 9m;
◆Detecting Angle:15 degrees;
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